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How to Find the Best Accounting Firm In Pittsburgh For Your Small Business

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How to Find the Best Accounting Firm In Pittsburgh For Your Small Business : If you’re looking for the best accounting firm in Pittsburgh for your small business, here are five sure-fire facts about the city and five sure-fire ways to find the accounting firm there that best fits your small business needs.

Pittsburgh — The Most Liveable City In The US Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of 311,647. The seven districts around the city have a population of 2,354,957 people. The County of Allegheny, which includes Pittsburgh, is by far the largest and most prosperous. In these seven counties, there are more than 1,000 accounting firms, 40% of which are in Pittsburgh. More than half serve small businesses.

In 2005 and again in 2009, The Economist ranked Pittsburgh as the most livable city in the United States. In 2007, Pittsburgh claimed the number one spot on the Places Rated Almanac. In 2010, both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo! have Pittsburgh at the top of their list. Entrepreneur Magazine ranks Pittsburgh as one of the best for entrepreneurs.

Pittsburgh — City of Bridges. Pittsburgh is the world record holder for bridges with 446 of them completely within city limits. The bridge crosses the Allegheny River from the northeast and the Monongahela River from the southeast to form the Ohio River and the downtown area known as the Golden Triangle.

They connect the city with four surrounding areas, namely the North Side/North Hills, South Side/South Hills, East End and West End. Four interstates (I-376, I-79, I-279 and I-579), known to Pittsburghers as Parkway East, Parkway West, Parkway North and Crosstown and two major highways (Route 28 and Route 22) connect the 237 boroughs and 202 cities with each other and with Downtown Pittsburgh.

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Home Office That Will Drastically Improve Workflow

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Home Office That Will Drastically Improve Workflow : If you work from home then you will probably get used to the constant struggle to stay productive and get things done when you are surrounded by distractions. When your work environment is the same as your home environment either all the time or sometimes, it’s all too easy to make excuses to go to the kitchen or pick up a tantalizing book lying on the coffee table and these things can really destroy our productivity. .

Another problem is that the home office is designed and maintained by us. No boss tells us to keep our desks tidy and no HR team tells us about the best posture or the best points in the room to increase productivity. Below are some fixes that can help you stay on task.

Paper Tray

Having paper everywhere is a problem that affects not only homeworkers but also almost everyone else. The first solution to this problem is to get a paper tray that allows you to ‘throw away’ the paper quickly and easily so that it at least doesn’t make a mess.

Here you will have two trays. One will be your ‘working memory’ and the other will be your ‘short term memory’. Anything you’ve completed but isn’t ready to throw away goes into your ‘short term memory’, whereas anything you’re currently working on or that you can throw away later goes into ‘working memory’.

At a set time each day/week/month, you will then sort through the trays and move anything from the short term memory tray into the filing cabinet – your ‘long term memory’. It mimics the way the human brain stores information and makes it easier to stay on top of things.

Portable Scanner

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