The Struggle of Womanhood and Entrepreneurship

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The Struggle of Womanhood and Entrepreneurship : This article highlights the dynamic women entrepreneurs in India and how they choose to make socially relevant and highly impactful choices.

For all those who are still very dumb about what double weighting is, I suggest you take some time to adjust to the reality of women. About women and their stories of victory, courage, tenacity, kindness, love, and most importantly, passion. When we talk about women in India, we mostly ignore the second shift (another name commonly given to double weights).

Unpaid labor is a social construct, a very distinctive construction and in many cases, roughly called “women’s duty”. Because if you don’t shackle yourself to the social conventions of domestic oppression, you will be accused of being “unlike women” (horror) and we all know that’s not a label that Indian women should strive for.

This is an ode to women, women who consciously choose to overcome that struggle, ignore all accusations, fly above all offensive comments and more importantly, constantly give Indian society an existential crisis. Make no mistake, this is not just for women who are already successful entrepreneurs.

This is for women who are already working and unemployed, for financial independence and for fighting financial oppression, for changing social norms and for struggle, for being extraordinary by not only choosing to exist, but also to live active, seek, fight and win.

– Aditi Gupta

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