The Struggle of Womanhood and Entrepreneurship

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The Struggle of Womanhood and Entrepreneurship : This article highlights the dynamic women entrepreneurs in India and how they choose to make socially relevant and highly impactful choices.

For all those who are still very dumb about what double weighting is, I suggest you take some time to adjust to the reality of women. About women and their stories of victory, courage, tenacity, kindness, love, and most importantly, passion. When we talk about women in India, we mostly ignore the second shift (another name commonly given to double weights).

Unpaid labor is a social construct, a very distinctive construction and in many cases, roughly called “women’s duty”. Because if you don’t shackle yourself to the social conventions of domestic oppression, you will be accused of being “unlike women” (horror) and we all know that’s not a label that Indian women should strive for.

This is an ode to women, women who consciously choose to overcome that struggle, ignore all accusations, fly above all offensive comments and more importantly, constantly give Indian society an existential crisis. Make no mistake, this is not just for women who are already successful entrepreneurs.

This is for women who are already working and unemployed, for financial independence and for fighting financial oppression, for changing social norms and for struggle, for being extraordinary by not only choosing to exist, but also to live active, seek, fight and win.

– Aditi Gupta

How many times have you been embarrassed about your period? How many times did you check your “area” on “those days?”. Aditi Gupta has answered our prayers. Menstruation is a taboo subject as a women’s right in India, as it is better to pretend it doesn’t exist. Aditi Gupta has gone on a mission to clear the darkness surrounding this common problem by introducing Menstrupedia.… Read more



Global Plastic Recycling Market


Global Plastic Recycling Market : Due to the continuous increase in global warming caused by human-caused emissions, it is evident that burning oil and fossil fuels increases climate change, poses a major threat to the environment, and to living things.

Plastics contribute greatly to dispersing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere thereby changing the ozone layer, which results in overheating, loss of cloud forests, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels. So, what steps can be taken to reduce plastic pollution?

For years, the planet’s global temperature remained intact until new technologies came along, resulting in major changes in the environment. It is time for plastic recycling on a large scale to be considered. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it provides many business opportunities as it is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The global plastic recycling market is expected to witness healthy growth at a CAGR of 5.04% over the forecast years due to the increasing demand for recycled plastics. Recovering plastics from scrap and waste and then turning them into useful products has been a key driver for many commercial industries because it is environmentally and economically effective.

Recycled plastic can be turned into a wide variety of products such as tote bags, watering cans, wheel arch linings, car bumpers, moisture-proof membranes, construction materials, reusable crates, trash cans, composite pits, food trays, water bottles and various fabrics. . clothing that provides a large scope for the plastics industry to make a lot of money.

The global plastic recycling market is driven by an increasing trend towards recycled plastic over pure plastic due to the pollution caused by plastic when it is dumped into oceans or other bodies of water. In addition, energy savings during the production of recycled plastics have a positive impact on market growth.

Furthermore, ongoing research activities to … Read more


Small Business

Home Office That Will Drastically Improve Workflow

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Home Office That Will Drastically Improve Workflow : If you work from home then you will probably get used to the constant struggle to stay productive and get things done when you are surrounded by distractions. When your work environment is the same as your home environment either all the time or sometimes, it’s all too easy to make excuses to go to the kitchen or pick up a tantalizing book lying on the coffee table and these things can really destroy our productivity. .

Another problem is that the home office is designed and maintained by us. No boss tells us to keep our desks tidy and no HR team tells us about the best posture or the best points in the room to increase productivity. Below are some fixes that can help you stay on task.

Paper Tray

Having paper everywhere is a problem that affects not only homeworkers but also almost everyone else. The first solution to this problem is to get a paper tray that allows you to ‘throw away’ the paper quickly and easily so that it at least doesn’t make a mess.

Here you will have two trays. One will be your ‘working memory’ and the other will be your ‘short term memory’. Anything you’ve completed but isn’t ready to throw away goes into your ‘short term memory’, whereas anything you’re currently working on or that you can throw away later goes into ‘working memory’.

At a set time each day/week/month, you will then sort through the trays and move anything from the short term memory tray into the filing cabinet – your ‘long term memory’. It mimics the way the human brain stores information and makes it easier to stay on top of things.

Portable Scanner

Portable scanners are scanners that can pick … Read more


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