All proceeds from March 12 Gibsons event at High Beam Dreams to go to humanitarian aid

As Canadians joined rallies across the country to publicly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last weekend, local efforts in Gibsons were joining forces to organize a humanitarian fundraiser for the people of Ukraine. 

On March 12, High Beam Dreams will be co-hosting its first fundraising event in an effort to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine. 

The owners of High Beam Dreams, Vineet Miglani and Nidhi Kamboj, recently approached their Ukrainian neighbours and friend at Ideas Space about how they could help. 

“My wife and I thought we can’t really fight the war, we can’t really do much about the war. But we should do something proactive, and try and support where we can,” Miglani said. “As soon as the war is over, when these people will need help, we should be ready with it.”

The event brings together a group of entertainers, organizers, and volunteers. All of the proceeds will be sent to Ukraine, Vineet Miglani told Coast Reporter, and will be used for humanitarian aid, not war efforts. 

Over the course of the evening, there will be a Ukrainian dinner, live music, and a silent auction featuring donated local artwork. Two of the performers – Elena Nikitina and Adrian Glynn (the lead signer of the Fugitives) – are of Ukrainian descent. 

By shining a spotlight on Ukrainian music, food, and culture, organizers hope to bring more awareness to the Ukrainian cause. 

“Now, suddenly, the whole world has woken up to Ukraine and understands the terrible situation there,” Miglani said. The event, he added, shows solidarity and support to the Ukrainian community. It’s important to work together, Miglani said.

There are four ways people of the Sunshine Coast can help, Miglani said: purchasing a ticket for the dinner, a ticket for the live music, donating to the silent auction, or donating in-kind materials. 

Ideas Space, the fundraiser’s cohost, will be accepting the in-kind donations of blankets, sleeping bags, winter clothes, first aid kits, water filtration kits, hygiene products, baby formulas, diapers, multi-vitamins, and dry food. Items will be accepted Monday to Friday between 3 and 6 p.m., and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Ideas Space (101-.875 Gibsons Way).

Tickets for the events will be available online, at Strait Music in Sechelt or at Ideas Space and High Beam Dreams in Gibsons.