Jungle Scout or Helium

Users of Jungle Scout also have access to Academy, a vast training resource that covers every stage of the seller journey. In addition to teaching sellers how to sell on Amazon and assisting them in making the most of Jungle Scout’s technology, Academy offers hundreds of videos that address any questions a seller might have.  To know more about helium 10 and Jungle Scout you can visit the below link:


In addition, the majority of Jungle Scout’s resources is open to everyone and cost nothing, including:

  • The largest free repository of films and articles sold by Amazon
  • Real Amazon sellers’ tried-and-true advice in concise, unique courses
  • Detailed case studies
  • Live orientation instruction Tool Tip Tuesdays for in-depth product feature articles
  • Periodic webinars
  • Free comprehensive data reports

A training academy is provided by Helium 10 and focuses on instructing users on how to use the Helium 10 tools. Additionally, it has a program called Freedom Ticket that is only accessible to its highest-paying clients but is described as a “hands-on, technical run-through of how to sell on Amazon.” Live classes and Q&A sessions are a couple of these special advantages. In a comparison of the best tools for online marketplace optimization, Jungle Scout outperformed Helium 10 in terms of overall happiness and market visibility, according to a software review site.

Data Accuracy of Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Every choice you make during the selling process is (or ought to be) supported by reliable data. Despite the fact that neither Helium 10 nor Jungle Scout is likely to lead you too far astray, accuracy should always be given the highest priority.

In comparison to Jungle Scout, which forecasts 29.5% of product sales accurately (with no errors), Helium 10 estimates 38.2% of sales accurately (with no errors), and making Helium 10 over 10% more accurate than Jungle Scout.

Even when Helium 10 comes close to hitting the mark, it does so with a smaller margin. Helium 10 provides an estimate that is within 22 units of actual sales. The margin of error for Jungle Scout is 35 above or below. While a difference in the margin of error of 13 might not seem like much on its own, little margins quickly grow into big margins when multiplied by thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of sales.

What is “Helium 10 – Black Box”?

Black Box continues to be the industry standard for the all-in-one Amazon product research tool, with a database of more than 2 billion products. Users of this Amazon research tool can look for products on Amazon using a variety of criteria, including product category, expected monthly sales revenue, price, weight, review rating, quantity of photos, number of sellers, and more.

Additionally, Black Box provides more capability in the form of additional search tabs. Users can look for high-performing keywords that match their specific requirements using the Keywords Tab. Users can enter a product ASIN into the Competitors Tab to get fast access to the top competitive products that are ranking for comparable keywords to the ASIN you supplied.