Cori Spring, a registered nurse with the Delaware Public Health District, prepares an injection during one of the district's regular clinics. The clinic schedule is posted at

The economic havoc caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic extended to the Delaware Public Health District and the Ohio Department of Health, as each experienced spiraling costs while expanding operations to battle the pandemic.

As of March 31, the health district’s COVID expenses not covered by grants totaled $698,634, said district commissioner Shelia Hiddleson. That amount was paid primarily with levy funds from the district’s general-revenue fund, she said. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic represented the longest sustained threat to Ohio’s public health in more than 100 years,” said ODH spokesman Ken Gordon. “It required an unprecedented commitment of personnel, resources and funding.”

As of March 31, Ohio had spent $1.01 billion in COVID-related funding from the federal government, which Gordon called Ohio’s primary funding source against the pandemic.