How Outsourcing Can Help You Build a Better Startup

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How Outsourcing Can Help You Build a Better Startup : The revenue of the global outsourcing services industry continues to increase year on year from US$45.6 billion in 2000 to 99.1 billion in 2012. – Statista.com

When two college friends founded Macphun in 2008 and went on to release their very popular first Cartoonatic app – they could never have anticipated the success (and workflow improvements) they would face. Founder Paul Muzok Macphun, is responsible for creating a software development company that specializes in providing user-friendly SaaS software to photographers of all skill levels, worldwide.

After rave reviews on their debut app, they have continued to produce photo editing apps that consistently top the App Store charts.

While their app received great acclaim and they grew to over 22 million customers worldwide, they are still trying to streamline some of their critical business processes as much as they can. Kevin, VP of Macphun told us he is considering outsourcing so they can support their customers professionally and free up internal employees who previously worked with customer support to help Macphun grow and be more productive.

“We do respond to customer inquiries via email and phone, but again we need a workforce within the company that we can use in other ways.” -Kevin La Rue, Macphun.

Now this is just one small niche of outsourcing, but each sub-category all serves the same purpose, which brings us to the heart of this guide.

HOW CAN OUTSOURCING HELP YOU GROW? (and what you need to know)

So if you’ve come this far and still don’t know what outsourcing really is… here’s a quick, direct definition from Merrill Matthews from Forbes.

Outsourcing is when a company contracts with an outside person or company to provide some product or service, such as bookkeeping, payroll processing, … Read more



Easy Ideas For Profitable Fundraising

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Easy Ideas For Profitable Fundraising : With the current economic climate, people don’t have much time to spend on fundraising. We all want quick, easy and effective fundraising ideas.

There are many fundraising ideas available to you; Now is the perfect time to choose a fundraiser that doesn’t require any start-up costs and that will get your group, team or club the money you need from your fundraiser.

Some of the best easy fundraising ideas are the simplest. Back to basics! Have you considered selling cakes for an upcoming fundraiser? With the news and the economy getting worse every day, selling cakes can be an easy and perfect fundraising idea. Most people would love the pick-me-up now with all the bad news in the media. Why not fulfill this need with your fundraiser and make people happy?

By choosing cake sales for your next fundraiser, you can start making money with very little start-up costs. Think of cake sales fundraising ideas to make sales more creative – create fun unique cake flavors, add treats that people might not be able to buy in stores for your fundraiser. It’s great for making your baked goods special so your friends and family won’t be able to resist your fundraising efforts.

Your Easy Cake Sales Fundraising Tips

1. Make creative and beautiful treats that friends, neighbors and business owners can’t resist

2. Have each group member commit to making and selling a number of fundraising gifts.

3. Brainstorm cake sales fundraising ideas with your group to take your fundraising to the next level – consider selling at local events, around holidays like Easter or Mother’s Day to maximize your fundraising profits.

4. Correct pricing – You raise funds but still want to offer great value to your customers/supporters. Supporters expect to pay a … Read more



How Can You Become a Business Consultant

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How Can You Become a Business Consultant? : Learn the key secrets to becoming a consultant and improving your consulting practice.

When you are brainstorming for a career change to become a consultant, you need to understand not only the definition, but also the responsibilities that a consultant has.

Being a consultant, you are expected to offer your expertise to other people or businesses. You will be asked to provide advice, troubleshoot problems, make recommendations, and provide specialized work to streamline the consulting process you provide.

If you think that anyone who knows a thing or two about a particular process will be able to provide a consultation, with all due respect, you are wrong.

In fact, what separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is passion, knowledge, and a drive for excellence. A person who has in-depth knowledge of the subject can only provide insight into certain processes.

This is the difference isn’t it?

If you turn to consulting, you must first understand the things you should consider before making the first step towards your goal.

What licenses and certifications do I need?

Depending on your skills and profession, you may need special certifications or licenses before you start providing your services. Say, if you want to consult for a manufacturing and distribution company, you must have a license from a trusted organization or consulting licensing platform.

Am I qualified enough to become a consultant?

Before approaching any of the consulting groups for small and medium-sized businesses for licensing or training, all you need to do is analyze yourself. This will help you determine whether you have the traits a consultant needs to succeed or are capable of delivering error-free results.

Do I have my long term and short term goals?

If your goals don’t align with … Read more


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How to Find the Best Accounting Firm In Pittsburgh For Your Small Business

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How to Find the Best Accounting Firm In Pittsburgh For Your Small Business : If you’re looking for the best accounting firm in Pittsburgh for your small business, here are five sure-fire facts about the city and five sure-fire ways to find the accounting firm there that best fits your small business needs.

Pittsburgh — The Most Liveable City In The US Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of 311,647. The seven districts around the city have a population of 2,354,957 people. The County of Allegheny, which includes Pittsburgh, is by far the largest and most prosperous. In these seven counties, there are more than 1,000 accounting firms, 40% of which are in Pittsburgh. More than half serve small businesses.

In 2005 and again in 2009, The Economist ranked Pittsburgh as the most livable city in the United States. In 2007, Pittsburgh claimed the number one spot on the Places Rated Almanac. In 2010, both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo! have Pittsburgh at the top of their list. Entrepreneur Magazine ranks Pittsburgh as one of the best for entrepreneurs.

Pittsburgh — City of Bridges. Pittsburgh is the world record holder for bridges with 446 of them completely within city limits. The bridge crosses the Allegheny River from the northeast and the Monongahela River from the southeast to form the Ohio River and the downtown area known as the Golden Triangle.

They connect the city with four surrounding areas, namely the North Side/North Hills, South Side/South Hills, East End and West End. Four interstates (I-376, I-79, I-279 and I-579), known to Pittsburghers as Parkway East, Parkway West, Parkway North and Crosstown and two major highways (Route 28 and Route 22) connect the 237 boroughs and 202 cities with each other and with Downtown Pittsburgh.

Most of the … Read more


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How To Use Article Marketing To Build My Business

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How To Use Article Marketing To Build My Business : Internet Business and Online Business – How I Use Article Marketing To Build My Business

I will tell you in advance that I operate a website specialized in the internet marketing arena. Since I take a custom approach, I believe my tactics will work well in almost any niche market where there is broad interest.

Personally I find it interesting that so many people think that the internet marketing niche is exhausted, that there are too many people in it. I’ve seen a few things in the last few months that lead me to believe that’s not the case.

So how do I use article marketing to build my online business?

1) I write articles aimed at niche buyers of my website. You know, I don’t care how many visitors I get. I just want buyers. So I try to write to buyers, not people watching or just surfers. I want to provide quality information in my articles that will leave people wanting more from me. That way when they click through to my website, they are already a qualified buyer.

2) I currently only use one article directory for all my article submissions. I’ve done extensive testing and have found that like 95% of all my traffic comes from that one site, when I used to post to about 100 different article directories. Another note on that: testing is critical to everything you do. If you don’t test, you are definitely missing out on profit opportunities. You just need to test.

3) I write my articles aggressively. The only reason I write is to get people to click and qualify to like me when they get there. There he is. Forget trying to please everyone – I don’t care … Read more



Benefits and Facilities of Co-Working Office Space

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Benefits and Facilities of Co-Working Office Space : Local established employers and remote workers alike need a dedicated space to do their jobs. While equipping a shared office often makes sense for a full-time home specialist, it’s not just groups working from home that can take advantage of a well-prepared office space.

Whether you’re traveling long distances or need some sort of space to pay bills, furnishing your office with attractive and useful furniture makes more sense than you might understand. Take advantage of these tips to create an attractive and efficient office without spending a fortune.

If you continue to tap into a Co-working workplace budget, we’ll find services that typically include a committed group of assistants, administrative support, and dedicated IT and web infrastructure.

Choosing an area is very important and working in a respectable area of ​​business is always a gift. An interesting point when choosing the right dedicated office is what the meeting zone and co-office will look like as these are the areas your customers and providers will see. Making the right first impression is important.

This increase in popularity is driven by the facilities provided by the Co-working office environment and organizations pay according to their use which makes organizations carry out their duties practically. Co-working offices include boardrooms, boardrooms, committed assistants, administrative support, telecommunications benefits, fully catered in-house IT foundations, web availability, and more.

Dedicated coworking spaces offer a comprehensive package of business support and pay-per-use action programs to meet the workspace needs and business focus of associations at a reasonable price. By providing efficient, successful and cost-effective office setups, Furnished Co-working spaces provide assistance to business people looking for any type of office roll.

Startups, small and medium-sized businesses need luxuriously decorated office space on cost-effective and customizable rental terms. Co-working space … Read more


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