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How To Use Article Marketing To Build My Business : Internet Business and Online Business – How I Use Article Marketing To Build My Business

I will tell you in advance that I operate a website specialized in the internet marketing arena. Since I take a custom approach, I believe my tactics will work well in almost any niche market where there is broad interest.

Personally I find it interesting that so many people think that the internet marketing niche is exhausted, that there are too many people in it. I’ve seen a few things in the last few months that lead me to believe that’s not the case.

So how do I use article marketing to build my online business?

1) I write articles aimed at niche buyers of my website. You know, I don’t care how many visitors I get. I just want buyers. So I try to write to buyers, not people watching or just surfers. I want to provide quality information in my articles that will leave people wanting more from me. That way when they click through to my website, they are already a qualified buyer.

2) I currently only use one article directory for all my article submissions. I’ve done extensive testing and have found that like 95% of all my traffic comes from that one site, when I used to post to about 100 different article directories. Another note on that: testing is critical to everything you do. If you don’t test, you are definitely missing out on profit opportunities. You just need to test.

3) I write my articles aggressively. The only reason I write is to get people to click and qualify to like me when they get there. There he is. Forget trying to please everyone – I don’t care who closes this article without clicking, I only care that those who click really like me and want more information.

By the way, just a note in the internet marketing niche – when you specialize, you eliminate tire kickers. Let me explain – if you market to the general public about starting an internet business, you get everyone just starting out and only 5% of them ever make any money.

And if they don’t make money online, most of them won’t continue to spend it. Sure, they’ll buy the first course or two, but I’m looking for a long term customer. People who get into one of my specific niche lists, they probably already have an online business and are actively spending money promoting their business. I’m after that piece of cake, rather than trying to create new believers in internet marketing.